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Sunday, September 1, 2013

September 2013's newsletter

We made some improvements on the website and on the code behind it, so we'd like you to know about the new features.


We opened a blog that we kept updated with the most important new features.
It is available at


In the blog, we posted some sample exercises, that can be used as a reference to what is possible to do. We'll post other ones soon.
You can find them at


The sample exercises and other information are linked at as a sort of preliminary handbook.


We introduced some new (hopefully interesting) new features in the last months:

a) for every firm, you can now select the languages that you want your account names in;

b) it is now possible to share a firm with another user, in order to complete an exercise together, if needed;

c) you can fork (duplicate) every firm of which you know the slug (see terminology, later);

d) you can get a "transaction analysis" of each journal entry (see;

e) it is now possible to include or exclude some journal entries, in order to test different scenarios, if needed (see;

f) you can take a snapshot of a firm's current balances, or prepare a closing entry of selected accounts (see;

g) you can select an account from a tree view window, if you don't know the name or the code of the account (see;

h) when you prepare a journal entry, the totals of debits and credits is updated every time you leave an amount field;

i) when a user signs up, he/she can ask to be resent the activation link, in case it got lost.


We prepared a blog post explaining the meaning of some of the terms we used. It is avalaible at


Many minor bugs have been fixed. Thanks to the users that let us know about them!


We really hope that you may find useful for your exercises, and we'd love to receive some feedback from you. Any ideas on how to improve the website will be greatly welcomed. And, please, feel free to spread the word and invite other people to sign up.

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