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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Challenge your students!

It is easy to prepare an exercise for your students: just login to and start managing a firm with all the correct journal entries.

Let's say you have a firm with these two simple journal entries:

This will be the benchmark for your exercise.

When you are done with the firm, click on "Challenges", "Manage Exercises" and then "New Exercise".

Fill in the details of the exercise, and select the firm that you prepared as benchmark.

After saving, create the transactions (operations to be recorded on the journal) by clicking on the button "Create Transactions from Benchmark Firm's Journal Entries" to import them from the journal entries (you will automatically invited to the challenge).

Then, edit the transactions at will, giving enough information to your students to prepare the entries in the right way. You can add hints for each transaction, if you want.

You can use Markdown syntax for the descriptions and the entries.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Stale firms to be deleted

With the new release (1.9) of DELT, which is now up and running on, there is an automatic process that cleans up stale firms.

Firms are declared "stale" when they are not used or seen (in the public view) for more than a year three months. After one month, they are actually deleted.

The only exception is for bloggers and teachers that want to keep their firms available forever (contact us in this case).

Exercise and Challenges

With the new release (1.9) of DELT, which is now up and running on, it is possible for teachers/instructors to prepare exercises for their students.

An exercise consists of an introductory text, followed by a series of transactions that the student must record using one or more double entries in the journal. An exercise also has a benchmark firm with the entries considered valid.

Teachers can challenge their students to go along all the transactions, record them in their journals and have them checked, one by one, against the benchmark.

Since every transaction has a certain number of points, during (or after) the challenge students can see their success rate.

Please note that in the journal each entry must be linked to the transaction from the exercise, in order to be correctly compared with the benchmark.

Teachers are offered a report for each session.

If you want to accept a challenge, you can try the one presented here (just follow this link after logging in). If you are a teacher and need information about how to setup an exercise, feel free to contact us.