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Monday, October 7, 2013

October 2013's newsletter

There are some new features, and we are working to some other ones.


a) a user suggested that it should be possible to enter some comments on each line of a journal entry (regarding the single "posting", ie the single account debited or credited); actually, in many books' examples, there is such a comment, so we introduced this possibility -- in the journal entry form, you can now add a comment by writing it after the name of the account, preceded by a hash sign (#); see;

b) if you want to export the current trial balance to a spreadsheet, for further analysis, you can now decide to have a text area produced, in order to be able to copy it and paste it to the spreadsheet, instead of downloading a file; this may speed up your work: just export "inline", select all, copy, go to the spreadsheet, paste, and you're done; see;

c) we added some big icons on the dashboard (we hope you like them);

d) in the public page of a firm, you can now refer to a single journal entry by specifying its number (just click on it to have the URL); for instance, you can refer to the first of second entry of the sample exercise 3 by pointing to or; and you can specify the desired level of detail for the financial statements by using the "?level=x" notation (like in;

e) we refactored some code, and added some comments on it, in order to start the production of self-generated documentation; if you are a developer, or just curious about the code, get in touch with us; see;


We'd like to prepare some little examples of businesses' activities in order to compare the different procedures, accounting standards (and traditions) around the world. Would you like to join us in this?

We really hope that you may find useful for your exercises, and we'd love to receive some feedback from you. Any ideas on how to improve the website will be greatly welcomed. And, please, feel free to spread the word and invite other people to sign up.

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