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Sunday, April 28, 2019

LDE goes RESTful

After some months of tests, we are going RESTful.

REST, or Representational State Transfer, is a standard way to access data on a server with simple requests. It offers the possibility to interact with the server programmatically, with many languages and with different goals.

The API specs for LearnDoubleEntry are available at SwaggerHub.

By using the APIs, it is possible for a user to interact with LDE to get a list of the managed firms, to get a list of the accounts and of the journal entries of a firm, to create, delete or update journal entries, etc. Other possibilities might be used in the future.

Examples of programs that could be implemented include:

  • get the list of accounts of a firm and output a csv file with the data;
  • produce the journal entries for all the invoices issued in a month;
  • record a transaction for two firms, the buyer and the seller.
It is easy to use the APIs straight from the command line (using curl) or by using a programming language (we will show examples in python, javascript, C# in the next weeks).

To use the API, you need a key that you can request on the page /api/subscribe.

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