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Monday, September 30, 2013

Export of current trial balance, inline version

(This post has been edited after its first publication.)

It is now possible to export the current trial balance values inside a textarea widget, instead of in the form of a downloadable CSV file.

You just need to select the "inline" radio button under "Fruition type" in the balance/export page:

The data will be available in a text area, and you can easily copy them in order to paste them in a spreadsheet. You might want to format the column of the spreadsheet where the codes of the code are going to be pasted as "text".

In a future blog post, we'll show how to prepare a spreadsheet to process them in a customized way.


  1. If you paste the trial balance in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, you may want to format the first column as "text" before doing it. Otherwise, some of the codes will be treated as time.


  2. @Jack Thank you. We'll correct the post to include your advice.