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Monday, March 24, 2014

Some little enhancements

The website has been updated with the release 1.4.4 of DELT.
There are some little enhancements.

It is now possible to export the data from the trial balance specifying if you want to take "closing entries" in consideration.

Closing entries are special journal entries that are not considered when the statements are prepared. This way, when the amount of, say, Purchases is shown on the Income Statement, it can be shown even if the account is already closed.

Second, the client-side code that prevents users to leave the journal entry page with unsaved data has been improved. Please report any issue you might have with this.

Third, the "net result" line for the income statement now comes straight from the Configuration of the single firm, That means that you can specify what you want there to appear. Just go to the Chart of Accounts page, and edit the line of the result account. If you have two items, one with a "debit" outstanding balance and one with a "credit" outstanding balance, the appropriate one is chosen.

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