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Saturday, September 29, 2018

Group journal entries in sections

It is now possible to create several sections of journal entries, and assign each journal entry to a particular section.
Each section has a name, a color, and an assigned status of visibility. Of course, when a section is set to invisible, none of the journal entries belonging to it will be shown, either in the journal or in the statements or ledger.

Here some screenshots:
The journal now has a new column, for the section.
In the sections page, you can set the color and toggle the visibility of each section.
When you prepare or edit a journal entry, you can decide to which section it belongs to.
Possible uses of this new feature:
  1. you can group journal entries by category, and have therefore an instant view of what the statements would be if none of the journal entries belonging to the "extraordinary events" group were present;
  2. students working together on the same firm could make it clear who did what (when each student uses a different section);
  3. with the same firm, you can have the journal entries of different years - instead of forking the firm.
This is still an experimental feature: if you happen to experience a bug or want to suggest an improvement, please let us know.

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