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Saturday, December 21, 2013

December 2013's newsletter

As you may have noticed, we made some improvements in website.


a) it is now possible to "freeze" and "unfreeze" a firm -- this can be useful in different ways, expecially for students asked to complete an exercise with a due date (and for their teachers who must check the works submitted) -- see

b) a student asked to be allowed to place a graphic banner in his firm's public page -- it is now possible: just upload an image in the firm's configuration page, and you are done

c) the public page of a firm has now clickable accounts on the general journal, and this allows to access the ledger -- see

d) when a firm is forked, the default language for the account names is now taken from the user's language preferences, if available


In a school, has been used to play "Accounting Monopoly": students had fun, and learned a lot of things -- see

Please take a look at the blog post "10 ways to contribute to an open source project without writing code", by Heiko W. Rupp -- -- everything written there applies perfectly to this site, and we'd love to have a helping hand.

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