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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Any advice for our multilingual chart of accounts?

We just upgraded the code is based on, in order to show to non-authenticated users the chart of accounts of system-provided firms.

You can have a look at the chart of accounts of our "Standard Firm" at the URL Please note that some of the names of the accounts have to be checked, and we would love it if you can send advice and comments on how to improve it.

The names are currently expressed in US English and Italian. Of course, other languages can be added. Also, we are not sure about the differences between American English and British English, or other flavo(u)rs of English, for what concerns the names.

Position: BS (Balance Sheet) or IS (Income Statement)
Outstanding Balance: Dr. (Debit), Cr. (Credit), or "/" (unset) -- this is the "typical" outstanding balance that one could expect for an account (e.g., Debit for Cash, Credit for Sales, etc.), and it is used to show some warnings in case of doubtful journal entries...

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